CANN – a celebration and a summary

This booklet celebrates and summarizes the achievements of the eleven partners in the CANN Project, between 2016 and 2022.

Lough Arrow – A Gem in our Midst

Booklet designed to help families in the catchment of Lough Arrow to understand the factors that affect the quality of the water

Outline Interpretive Plan for Cuilcagh and Anierin

An outline interpretive plan created as part of an interpretive project for Cuilcagh and Anierin.

Booklet of Peat-based Haiku poems

A collection of Haikus tweeted in the run-up to COP26 demonstrating the value of peatlands and the science behind their conservation

For Peat’s Sake – a Bog Infographic

What is a bog? Why are bogs important? How can a bog be damaged? How can bogs be protected and managed?

Eye Spy Wildlife on Sliabh Beagh

Booklet to help people identify and record biodiversity on Sliabh Beagh

Keep Up-To-Date with CANN

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