Glen Coe

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Glen Coe is an area of outstanding scenery which is very popular with hikers and adventurers. Glen Coe’s deep valleys and towering mountains were carved out many years ago by volcanic explosions and icy glaciers.

Glen Coe SAC represents a variety of mountainous habitats including inland water bodies, a range of grasslands, bogs, marshes and fens, and rocky slopes and scree. A rich plant flora occurs over the range of habitats encompassed by this SAC with 14 nationally scarce species, including Drooping and Highland saxifrage being recorded here.

Glen Coe Special Area of Conservation (SAC) has some of the best assemblages of upland habitats in Lochaber Geopark, an area of 446,800 ha in the Scottish Highlands with a rich geological heritage and some of the most diverse wildlife in the UK. This is mainly due to the variability of underlying rock types and the range of altitude found across the site.

Glen Coe

CANN Works

Over the lifespan of the project, the CANN team will be working on producing a Conservation Action Plan for Glen Coe SAC, and generating an up-to-date habitat map for the site. These documents will both be used to inform conservation decisions and management strategies, with an overall aim to guide the site towards a favourable conservation status.


Highland saxifrage is a small perennial herb which is typically found in well irrigated and permanently wet rocky areas with organic matter rich soils, such as peat. It is particularly threatened by climate change, and on-going monitoring shows that the species isn’t occurring at the lower altitude locations they were previously recorded at.
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