Booklet of Peat-based Haiku poems

The arts have a huge role in communicating science to non-scientists and can be a valuable bridging tool in helping interpret scientific principles.

The Haiku (or Sci-cu or Scientific haiku) is short and sweet. Anyone can write one, using the simple formula of 3 lines with syllables counts of 5, 7 and 5 . Trying to distil scientific principles and messages into this most concise mode of communication brings a rigorous discipline to the work that appeals to scientists. Haiku has a traditional association with the natural world and its brevity is also ideal for Twitter with its strict character count, so the CANN project decided to celebrate COP26 by tweeting a Haiku-a-day on the subject of peat’s role in combatting climate change in the run-up to the meeting in November 2021. A brief explanation of the science behind the haiku was also given in 280 characters.

These Haiku Tweets were widely shared and it was one of our most popular social media campaigns ever, so we decided to collect all the haiku together in this little booklet and publish them on the website

To download a copy as pdf, click here

Or for an easier reading experience online, go to the flipbook click here


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