Tully Bog

Tully Bog is privately owned and is not open to public access

Tully Bog SAC is an isolated lowland bog which can be found in a shallow hollow of the former floodplain of the Fairy Water River in Co. Tyone, Northern Ireland. The bog is active, and has several rare species of Sphagnum bog mosses present on the site. The land surrounding Tully Bog SAC is intensively used and managed for silage and grazing. This bog has a major Rhododendron invasion that is being addressed.

Tully Bog

CANN Works

Over the lifespan of the project, the CANN team will be working on producing a Conservation Action Plan for Tully Bog SAC. As part of producing this plan detailed surveys are underway to better understand the very complex hydrology of the site. On the ground conservation actions to be completed include the management of invasive species, and fencing to manage access.


Sphagnum is the name given to the group of mosses that carpet the ground on bogs, marshes, heaths and moors. These spongy mosses are a vital component of the creation and continuation of peat bogs as they store water and prevent the decay of dead plant material. It is this non-decayed plant material which gets compressed over hundreds of years eventually forming peat. Sphagnum mosses come in an amazing variety of colours, and grow very closely together forming dense coverings on the bog surface, even creating 'hummocks' - large mounds of moss up to a metre high.
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