Cranny Bogs

Cranny Bogs are privately owned and are not open to public access

Cranny Bogs SAC encompasses three active raised bogs 5 miles south of Omagh in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The bogs are elongated and irregular in shape, and vary considerably regarding their surface features such as pools and hummocks. Various species of Sphagnum moss are found across this SAC, along with Bog cranberry.

The surrounding land usage is dominated by grazing and silage, and there is an extensive history of hand cutting peat in the area. This cutting of peat has encroached significantly on the intact bog surfaces; the cut face of the peat can be up to 2.5m high in some places. The damage caused by burning is also very evident.

Cranny Bogs

CANN Works

Over the lifespan of the project, the CANN team will be working on producing a Conservation Action Plan for Cranny Bogs SAC. As part of producing this plan detailed surveys are underway to better understand the very complex hydrology of the site. On the ground conservation actions to be completed include the management of invasive species, and fencing to manage access.


Bog cranberry, also known as Small cranberry, grows in wet environments such as bogs, fens and marshes. It is part of the heath family, and is relatively common in the temperate climates of the northern hemisphere. It is often found growing on Sphagnum hummocks, and it easily colonises bog habitats which have been subject to recent burning.
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